We are Committed to

» Technology development,

» ICT efficiency & effectivenes,

» Development of new ICT ideas    to cope up with the rising    challenges of tomorrow,

» Constant maintenance of high    standards, objectives and    excellence within the ICT field.


Welcome to Brilon Enterprise Ltd.

Brilon Enterprise Ltd is an Information & Communication Technology enterprising firm whose prime objective is to offer unlimited array of IT solutions and services within the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) field.

We are driven by necessity brought by continuous dynamic and challenges due to rampant technological changes within the ICT field. Since its inception, the firm has established a client responsive reputation in the field of ICT.


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Our Contacts

P.O. Box 7302-00300, Nairobi-Kenya.

Telephone: +254-20-2589455, +254-733-467545

Email: info@brilon.co.ke

Website: www.brilon.co.ke

Caxton Hse, 1st Flr, Rm1A, Standard Street.

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